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In Xplorer we contribute to the training of leaders and professional integrity that will be responsible for the growth of the country. Our work contributes to the union of nations without ethnic, religious or cultural discrimination.



Since AYUSA Ecuador now Xplorer was founded in Ecuador , 16 years have passed and with all this experience, we have a highly trained staff which serves Ecuadorians and foreigners :We provide cross education - cultural quality participants, families, employers, schools educational , partners and host communities. This promotes understanding between cultures and enriching the open exchange of ideas, values and beliefs while promoting global peace and preparing young people to face their future success .


AYUSA Ecuador was founded in 1995 in Ecuador . In 2002 the Fundacin Azul - Rojo was established as a legal nonprofit organization. Their business name remained AYUSA Ecuador as its legal name is Fundacin Azul - Rojo. Fundacin Azul - Rojo is the representative [ partner ] in Ecuador for prestigious institutions worldwide whose missions are conducting Educational Student Travel Programs and Cultural Rights.

  • In the years 2002-2003 Fundacin Azul - Rojo received recognition from AYUSA International for unbeatable work in International Education worldwide.
  • In 2005, the Fundacin Azul - Rojo legally changed its business name: AYUSA Ecuador to Xplorer
  • They also moved the location to provide better service on larger premises . With a five-story office , a team of sixteen people eight representative offices in Ecuador , Xplorer has become one of the largest companies.
  • Congress AYUSA OPE 2005 - 2006 OPE Overseas Partner Experience Xplorer was sectioned Worldwide for its headquarters , AYUSA International hosted the 3rd . " AYUSA OPE 2006." Congress The choice was based on the standards of quality and service to internal and external customers in over 50 offices worldwide . Xplorer was also recognized in 2005 as one of the best partners in the world. Our organization became the host of this prestigious event office . " Customer Service and Quality. Xplorer is unsurpassed anywhere in the world," said participants.
  • In 2007 it was awarded the President's Excellence in International Child Care programprize.


Work & Travel

When choosing the work program in the U.S., I had certain expectations for the program. I was very satisfied in the Work & Travel program. I could go to different destinations, and also meet incredible people. I have had the opportunity to know the country and they mine. Xplorer gave me openness and help advising me at all times. I thank all the office for this wonderful opportunity . Fernando Zurita ( Quito , 2010 )

Internship in Ecuador

My name is Kelley Walton and I spent the 3rd semester of my sophomore in Quito, Ecuador . I lived with a family of 6 people. Sister I Became really good friends with my host who is my age and Were planning for her to come to live with my family next year . I went to small private school That had grades kindergarten to seniors. My best friends were my cousins , who I hang out with on weekends . The other exchange students Were all really cool and we spend time together on the trips with Xplorer and after school . Family I went to the beach with my host for a week Which was really fun . My English improved a ton and I learned a lot through experiencing the culture.Ecuador is a beautiful country with great people . Kelley Walton , USA

Summer camps

(Vancouver, Canada ) This experience changed my life , it was beautiful , I had the opportunity to learn English , I met many friends and my host family gave me the best start at home.. To Xplorer I would like to thank the team for best experience I 've ever had. Really thank you thank you . Angelica Rodriguez ( Ecuador )

Inbound program

Thank you for this the world's coolest experience. I had the best family in a beautiful country where peopl. I will never forget this year , in which I learned a lot about myself and the world. Thank you very much for everything Xplorer Thanks for making possible this year the cool of my life . Mathieu Waldeck ( Germany )

High School Program

When I got to New Mexico , I was excited to meet a new place , and ready to start my exchange year , in New Mexico. There are many Spanish-speaking people , but the time

passed , and with the motivation of both my family of Ecuador , my family in New Mexico and Xplorer , 5 months and could understand my family, and I got along well with my friends. It was a wonderful experience, those most grateful for this opportunity is to God and my parents, who supported me to travel , since this is not a very easy decision to make . You get to a different place, another language, another climate, another food, etc. . But such experiences make us stronger and more positive , to go ahead and meet our goals . Meeting my host family , the best thing that could have happened for me this year, they are great people who I love dearly . My family loves to travel , so thanks to them I was able to meet other states, travel to Colorado, where I met one of the wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon, Arizona, and took a cruise to New York and Canada , were undoubtedly the best experiences I've had. My family always helped me immensely , and without expecting anything in return , I got all your support and love her like a daughter . Now I'm back in my country, happy to have met my exchange year , and have had amazing experiences . Sarai Cajiao (USA 2009 - 2010)

Au Pair (United States)

Having lived Au Pair experience , I can say the best experience of my life. Perfect my language, part of an American family , I had the opportunity to travel, save money and meet people from different countries. Proved to be a good ambassador for my country is not an easy experience, but it gives you the opportunity to meet the personal scope that one can have as well as the challenges that arise along the way , looking for the best alternative solution. With this program changed my life and opened many doors. Gabriela ( Ecuador )


About Xplorer

All the people who make the Xplorer staff put immense love, care and responsibility into our daily work because we believe in an invaluable human group: YOUTH. We love what we do. Therefore all our efforts are highly rewarding.

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